Zach's Last Transfer Will Be Serving As Zone Leader in Arad, Romania

Monday, February 20, 2012

Winter Finally Hits Romania

Zach will serve out his last transfer of his mission as Zone Leader in Arad, Romania. It just lies North of Timisoara and South of Oradea near the Western Border. He's excited to serve as Zone Leader and is glad this will keep him busy for this last transfer. He said he's excited and nervous at the same time about coming home. He has come to love the country and people of Romania. It looks like he'll be spending his last transfer in the snow and cold, winter has finally hit Romania as well. They too have had a very calm winter up until now. Zach never seems to mind the wet and snow, he's pretty accustomed to it being from Idaho. The climate and weather are very much the same.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sightseeing in Oradea

The Beauty of Stained Glass

My Appartment in Oradea

This is our cozy little appartment in Oradea. It has furniture similar to what you would find in an IKEA showroom, I love it! Gotta get me some of this stuff when I get home. if I remember right, there is an IKEA in Draper, UT    Yeah!

Old Country Charm

Don't you just love this nostalgic picture? Zach has a pretty good eye when it comes to picture taking. I truly think this one is worth blowing up on canvas to hang in my house.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Overlooking Oradea, Romania

A Very Grand Estate

If I had a wish it would be; "To come galloping in on my white stallion through the front gate, just in time for the grand ball. Then to be greeted by hundreds of guests lining banquet tables of exquisite food just waiting to be eaten." Wouldn't it would be great to learn the history of this one!

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